Duration: 2-6 days
Location: North Iceland
Price: Please contact us for a quote!

North Iceland is an expansive, enchanting region, where you can find all of Iceland's attractive aspects. Culture and a flourishing society, endless opportunities for entertainment and outdoor recreation, picturesque nature in all directions, and more natural sights than almost anywhere else. Visit North Iceland

Experience the best North Iceland has to offer! 

On our Highlights of the North multi-day package, you will see and experience the best North Iceland has to offer. Our local guides will make your trip a holiday of a lifetime. Our expertise in North Iceland gives you sights not everybody gets to experience, in all our tours we take our guests to our favorite places. You can put together your own trip by selecting day tours from our website or let us take care of you and we will put together a great package that suits your needs and desires.

During your stay, you can choose from the following activities:

  • Deluxe Myvatn tour
  • Highlights of the North tour
  • Askja and Holuhraun tour
  • Amazing Waterfalls tour
  • Akureyri and Eyjafjörður tour
  • Skagafjörður tour
  • Bike and Bath tour
  • Fat Bike tour
  • Diamond circle tour
  • Off the Beaten Track – Ludent and Seljahjallagil tour
  • Buggy Tour
  • Whale watching
  • Sightseeing by airplane
  • Museum visits
  • Beer Spa
  • Cultural and Gastronomy Tour
  • We also offer rental cars if you want to explore on your own.


“Iceland’s mammoth and magnificent north is a geologist’s heaven. A wonderland of moonlike lava fields, belching mud pots, epic waterfalls, snow-capped peaks and whale-filled bays – this is Iceland at its best. The region’s top sights are variations on one theme: a grumbling, volcanically active earth.” Lonely Planet


What you will see and experience:

  • Lake Mývatn and it´s raw volcanic landscape and beautiful nature

  • Europe´s most powerful Waterfall, Dettifoss

  • The incredible highlands

  • Waterfalls of all shapes and sizes

  • Taste the local delicacies and learn about the Icelandic culture

  • Go whale watching or bird watching, the North Iceland wildlife is unique

An example of a 4-day itinerary to Highlights of North Iceland

Day 1. Arrival

You will be welcomed by your private driver guide. We head into the countryside from the airport towards Lake Mývatn.

Our first stop is at Goðafoss, the Waterfall of the Gods, which was very symbolic when Icelanders converted from Nordic Gods Religion to Christianity as the Chieftain of the area threw his Statues of Thor, Odin, and the others into the Waterfall to show his conversion to Christianity.

We drive to Lake Mývatn and check in at your hotel or guesthouse.

Given the time of your arrival, we can go on a tour or a relaxing visit to the Nature Baths before going to dinner.

Overnight at Lake Mývatn.

Day 2.  Mývatn Deluxe Tour

Your private driver guide will pick you up at your hotel in the morning.

You head off at your own pace and take your time taking in the power and beauty of the Lake and its surroundings.

You start at the Skútustaðir Pseudocraters and admire the beautiful landscape surrounding Lake Myvatn. Pseudo Craters are formed when lava flows over water or wetlands locking in the water beneath. When the water boils hot enough it will explode its way through the lava sheet and form these craters.

Dimmuborgir Lava Park where you see very unusual lava formations and pillars, caves, and fissures. Some believe that these rock formations are Trolls that turned to stone.

Lunch at a local restaurant or café.

You will visit famous locations where parts of the series “Game of Thrones” was filmed like Grjótagjá cave and Höfði cape.

Hverfjall (Crater Mountain) is a 2500-year-old explosion crater that sits in the middle of the volcanic landscape, surrounding Lake Myvatn.

Your guide will drive on top the explosion crater next to Hverfjall called Ludent where the view over the Lake Myvatn area is stunning. Lúdentaborgir and Þrengslaborgir, the ground zero for most of the lava fields that stretch from there and all the way to the ocean of Skjálfandi Bay, you will hike into one of the craters in this wast row and have a look inside.

You will visit the geothermal area of Hverir and from there you go to Krafla, the geothermal power station and the volcanoes surrounding it. Víti crater being the most famous of them but your guide will also tell you about the geological history of the area and the eruptions that have happened there through the centuries, the latest one from 1975-1984.

You take a relaxing dip in the famous Mývatn Nature baths for a while before you go and have dinner at the Cowshed restaurant, a local restaurant which specializes in courses from farm to table.

On the way back, you might catch a glimpse of the Northern lights in the winter or admire the Midnight sun in the summer.

Overnight at Lake Myvatn

Day 3. Whales and Diamond Circle

Pickup at your hotel or guesthouse.

On this tour, you will travel at your own pace, stop whenever you want and enjoy yourself for a day.

The guide takes you to Husavik for the Whale watching tour of the day with North Sailing (optional-booked separately)

Lunch in Husavik

You head off to Iceland´s most catastrophic area, the Diamond Circle.

Tjörnes Peninsula, a great puffin sighting place early summer to mid-August and breathtaking view to the North Atlantic Ocean.

Ásbyrgi, the horseshoe-shaped canyon. Ancient folk stories say that Odin´s eight-legged horse Sleipnir stepped it´s foot down which makes the shape of Ásbyrgi. We know now that it was formed in two catastrophic floods from Iceland´s biggest glacier Vatnajökull but we like the other story better.

Hljóðaklettar (the Whispering Cliffs) and it´s amazing rock formations. The glacier river, Jökulsá á Fjöllum, has carved out an ancient volcano and you walk around the lava tubes which have out of this world column rock formations in all directions. The beauty of this place is unique.

Next stop is Dettifoss and you will take in its pure power and beautiful surroundings of canyons and basalt rock formations. This Europe´s most powerful waterfall is 110 meters wide and 45 meters tall with the average water flow of 300 cubic meters per second. This is the setting for the opening scene of Prometheus, the movie from 2012. From Dettifoss you go and look at two other waterfalls, Selfoss, a 10 minutes hike from Dettifoss and Hafragilsfoss which is a hidden gem that few visit but it is one of our favorite waterfalls in Iceland.

Your guide takes you to the Hrossaborgir crater, a 10.000-year-old crater that has been beaten up by the elements. The glacial river Jökulsá á Fjöllum has carved it out and now there is one side of it missing, not to mention how wind and frost has taken its toll on it. Many remember this crater as the stadium Tom Cruise walks into in the movie Oblivion from 2013.

We end our day tour at Lake Myvatn where you can go and relax in the Nature Baths or go to your hotel for a relaxed time before dinner.

Overnight at Lake Myvatn

Day 4. Departure day

Private transfer to Akureyri, with a sightseeing tour around the North Iceland´s Capital. Drop off at the airport.

What is included: Pickup and drop off, super jeep, expert local guide/driver, admission to the Nature Baths (optional) and bottled water.

What is not included: Accommodation and meals.

What to bring: Sturdy shoes for walking/hiking and warm socks, clothing, and outerwear suitable for the rainy or chilly weather. Sunglasses. Snacks. Don´t forget your camera!

Extras: Lunch pack. We offer really good and healthy lunch packs for our tours! We offer Light Lunch Pack, Full Lunch Pack, and Luxury Lunch Pack.

Good to know: You will stop at a local restaurant or a café for refreshments if a lunch pack is not taken as extra. Your safety is our first priority so itinerary might be altered due to bad weather or road conditions, the duration of the tour might extend or we might have to cancel the tour if weather or other conditions are not in our favor.

Price: Please contact us for a quote and availability.

We love to do something out of the ordinary so if you have any requests for itinerary changes please contact us.

2-6 days Highlights of North Iceland Tours are available from May-October.