Location: Lake Mývatn
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Private Lofthellir Ice Cave Tour

Enjoy the adventure of Lofthellir Ice Cave from Lake Mývatn exclusively with your group.

The Private Lofthellir Ice Cave tour from Lake Mývatn offers you the opportunity to explore and enjoy the Lofthellir Ice Cave in the privacy of your own group! You will have exclusive access to the cave for at least an hour without any others around.


Pick up at your location by your private driver/guide.

We drive towards the Lofthellir Ice Cave, which sits in the outback of Lake Mývatn. We drive past the majestic Hverfjall crater and head south towards the Lúdent crater row, a 2400-year-old eruption site which shaped the landscape of Lake Myvatn as we know it today. When we reach the parking for the cave we change into our cave exploring gear, helmets, headlights and studded boots for better traction on the ice inside the cave. We go into the cave and enjoy a full hour of admiring the stalagmites and the amazing ice- and lava formations within the cave. The cave is an ancient lava tube which has, in time, formed unique ice formations from the ceiling and the floor. This place is frozen in time and place! At one point we will also turn off our headlights and feel the darkness and complete silence for a while, an amazing experience!

When we have had our fill of beauty and stillness in time, we make our way up to the surface again and drive back to Lake Myvatn.


  • This tour is not suitable for young children, people with claustrophobia or people that are not in reasonable physical condition
  • To reach the cave is a 30-minute hike across a relatively smooth lava field
  • The short entry (approx. 1,5m) into the cave is narrow and guests need to crawl on all fours to enter
  • There is ice and water on the floor of the cave and the temperature inside the cave is around 0°C
  • Due to weather and/or road conditions we might have longer journey time or cancellation of the tour

The duration of this tour is about 5 hours.

What is included: Fully guided private tour, transportation, Cave exploration equipment; helmet, headlight and studded boots. Bottled water.

What is not included: Personal insurance. Refreshments.

What to bring: Good shoes for cold weather, clothing, and outerwear suitable for the chilly or cold weather, waterproof pants are good as you will be sitting or crawling at times on the icy floor. Sunglasses. Don´t forget your camera!

Good to know: We recommend you bring warm and waterproof clothing, gloves, good walking shoes and a water bottle.

Your safety is our first priority so itinerary might be altered due to bad weather or road conditions, we might have to cancel or reschedule the tour if weather or other conditions are not in our favor. All canceled tours, on our behalf, are 100% refunded.

Please contact us for a quote and departure.

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