Duration: 1 hour
Location: Lake Myvatn
Price: 29.900.- isk per person single/22.500.- isk per person shared
Driving a snowmobile through the winter wonderland of Lake Myvatn, North Iceland gives you sights not everyone gets to experience. Standing in the middle of the lake admiring the amazing volcanic landscape and the beautiful nature surrounding you. Or driving through the volcanic area of Krafla, seeing the craters and fissures of this volcanic and active place. It is an experience of a lifetime!

Experience the thrill of riding a snowmobile!

This is a short snowmobile tour exploring the area of Lake Myvatn. You will enjoy the magnificent view of the surrounding mountains from the lake or the amazing views of Krafla Volcano. With a snowmobile, you can explore the Icelandic nature during the winter months in a different way.  Take an exciting adventure on our snowmobiles out on the frozen Lake Mývatn or travel deep into the highlands with one of our guides.

Where we run our tours depends on snow layers. At the beginning of the season, we operate our tours in Krafla or at Heiði, where the Snow Dogs operate. There we get the first snows of the season to safely drive snowmobiles. As soon as the ice on Lake Myvatn is safe, we move our gear to Sel Hótel and operate from there until springtime we move back to Krafla or Heiði to finish the season. In a normal year, we run our tours from November until May.

Kids from 6 years are welcome on our tours as passengers, they get 50% off.

Itinerary:  You meet your guide, who will help you find helmets and overalls fitting your size. We go over all safety features you need to keep in mind and show you all the tricks about driving and operating a snowmobile. Just before we go, your guide will go over the route and how we drive in a single formation at a safe speed.

Your guide will then take you on a one-hour snowmobile tour with a few stops to admire the landscape. Driving a snowmobile through a vast landscape of volcanoes and the contrast between the black lava and white snow is an experience of a lifetime.

Snowmobile Myvatn

 Duration: Up to 2 hours
  • Minimum: 2 persons.
  • Only during the winter time.
  • Duration: 2 hours 1-hour Snowmobile tour.
  • Pickup from any hotel or guesthouse.

What is included: Snowmobile, guide. Helmets, snowsuits, and boots are provided free of charge to all group members.

What is not included: Personal insurance.

What to bring: Good shoes for cold weather, clothing, and outerwear suitable for the chilly or cold weather. Mittens and hats. Sunglasses. Don´t forget your camera!

Good to know: All drivers need to present a valid driver’s license and please note that operation period is dependent on season. Pre-booking is required. Keep in mind that steering the snowmobile is significantly harder with a passenger on the back so we recommend single rides for beginners. A signed liability waiver is required prior to all tour departures. Your safety is our first priority so itinerary might be altered due to bad weather or road conditions, we might have to cancel or reschedule the tour if weather or other conditions are not in our favor. All canceled tours, on our behalf, are 100% refunded.

Price: 29.900.- isk per person on a single snowmobile, 22.500.- isk per person for a shared snowmobile. For more than 6 persons or larger groups, please contact us for a quote.

Snowmobile tours are available in the winter months while we have sufficient snow.

Snowmobile tours on the frozen Lake Myvatn

Experience the wide open spaces on the frozen Lake Myvatn from a snowmobile.


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